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Flyers on the Go: Nikhil Joglekar

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UD Graduate Student, Nikhil Joglekar

With the continued evolution of social media, crowd-sourcing has also gained in popularity. If you have a question or a need, why limit yourself to the relatively small network of people you know personally? There’s a whole wide internet-world full of people eager to share their intellectual and capital resources. This summer, University of Dayton graduate student Nikhil Joglekar will make his contribution to the world of crowd-sourcing as a Web Developer Intern at a start-up company called Resolve.

About Nikhil

Nikhil began his graduate program in Computer Science at UD in Fall 2018, through UDayton Global. As an undergraduate student in India, he and some friends created a web site for fun. Although the site itself was short-lived, Nikhil’s passion for web development stayed, and he decided to pursue a graduate degree in the U.S. at UD.

More about the Resolve Internship Opportunity

Columbus, Ohio-based Resolve has developed a social web site that is more than just a place to gather – their goal is also to use this space to solve problems. As an intern, Nikhil might do development on the front-end user interface, back-end database, or both. He says he may be a bit more interested in the front-end user experience, though. “Web site development is more than just the programming languages,” says Nikhil. “It’s about creating an experience for the user that makes them have a genuine reason to stay on your site and spend some time on it. If they can easily find what they are looking for, they might get interested and stay awhile.”

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How can you get an internship while at UD?

If you’re wondering how you can include an internship and/or co-op as part of your education experience at UD, ask UDayton Global Career Accelerator Manager, Brittany Chill. Her office is in Rike 212 or you can email brittany.chill@udaytonglobal.org. She’d love to talk with you!