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Flyer Focus: Hao from China

Flyer Focus: Hao Yang from China

University of Dayton graduate student Hao Yang from China is a regular visitor to the UDayton Global offices. Hao is engaged with various extracurricular activities with UDayton Global, including participating in Students Speak and serving as an Orientation Leader for Fall 2019 orientation. His outgoing and pleasant personality easily make him one of our favorite students to chat with. So naturally, when we found out he just started a Graduate Assistantship (GA), we had to ask him about it.

Congratulations on your Graduate Assistantship! Can you tell us a little bit more about your position?
My position title is Graduate Assistant – Treasury Specialist. I found out about this job position through an MBA department newsletter email that was sent by our MBA department academic advisor. My general job responsibility is helping my supervisor to update information about UD investments and help finalize UD’s annual report

What steps did you take to get this job?
For getting this job, I mainly go through two parts: first, I submitted an application that included my resume and cover letter. I also asked two of my professors at UD to write recommendation letters for me. I really appreciate that they could help me with that. Second, I was interviewed by my supervisor in the Treasury office. The interview lasted 30 to 40 minutes.

Hao and other student Orientation Leaders

Hao (far left) with our awesome UDayton Global Fall 2019 Orientation Leaders

How will this GA help you in your studies and/or help you reach your future goals?
Firstly, this job is highly linked to the knowledge that I have learned during my MBA studies at UD, such as finance, accounting and time management. This job will better help me understand what are possible ways I can use my knowledge. Also, because this work will ask me to cooperate with some external investment or audit team, that will help me to find out some possible career direction that I could have in my future.

What advice would you give to students who want to get a similar kind of work position?
My advice for students would be: first, study hard with the courses you have in UD. The knowledge you learned from class will make you have a better and clearer mind about what you are looking for. Secondly, always be prepared. Mostly, the opportunities will come and go so fast, you have to always be alert and prepared. Thirdly, don’t be shy to show yourself, especially the thing you are really good at. Lastly, ask yourself: why they would like to hire me than others. Find out what difference you could give than any others, what makes yourself unique.

Hao's advice for getting a job

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