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Flyer Focus: Tim from China

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We recently had a chance to catch up with University of Dayton graduate student Yubo “Tim” Cao from China. He first started at UD as an IEP student in Fall 2018, working through the UDayton Global office. Since then, Tim has experienced a lot of successes in his English language development, gotten an on-campus job, made a lot of friends and also assisted the UDayton Global team in helping students in China learn more about life at UD. Read his Flyer Focus story below!

Why did you decide to study Computer Science at the University of Dayton?
Nowadays, the potential of the future development is the exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The University of Dayton can provide me with what I want to learn at a great value. And my tutor, Dr. Tam, is concentrating on this field (AI). I feel more energy working with him.

What are some of your favorite activities outside of classes?
I like playing basketball after class. I also always join the activities organized by UDayton Global, like boating, biking and visiting the local amusement park. I have also traveled to many places: north Michigan, Chicago, New York City and Yellowstone National Park.

  • Tim's Photos of New York City
    Notable sights from Tim's trip to NYC


How is studying in the U.S. different from studying in China?
I think the most difference for me is the study environment. I can study the whole night at the library and everyone here is working hard. You will follow them spontaneously.

How has your experience at UD changed you?
To be honest, I felt sad and alone when I first came here. But on the second day, I think: take things as they come. I always need to face this. I can also have many friends here, and study better here. So I turned to face [my fears] and I feel more natural. You will get used to it and feel better.

Tim and Feng wishing students good luck on their Gaokao exams

Tim (left) with friend and fellow Chinese international student, Feng, wishing Chinese students good luck on their Gaokao exams.

Do you have a job here at UD?
I got a job at the RecPlex (the campus gym facility) through Handshake (a job posting network) and after an interview. Our responsibility is providing [gym] equipment and membership for students at UD. We also have the responsibility to save one’s life when they get an injury – before this work, I studied CPR and First Aid. I have made a lot of friends at this job.

What advice would you give a student in China who is thinking about studying in the U.S.?
Relax, take it easy and face the new life. It’s more colorful in the outside world.

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