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Getting to Know Brittany Chill

NAME: Brittany Chill
POSITION: Program Manager, The Career Accelerator
INTERESTING FACT(S) ABOUT ME: I love anime, horror movies, metal music, Legend of Zelda and Sailor Moon.



My name is Brittany Chill, and I’m the Program Manager for The Career Accelerator at UDayton Global! Even though I’ve already had the pleasure of working with many of you, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you more about me and what I offer through The Career Accelerator.

Archie the dog

Britt’s pup, Archie

About Brittany
I got my Bachelor’s degree in Business in 2008, and my Master’s in Higher Education and Counseling in 2015. Since then, I have worked as a Career Consultant at Carnegie Mellon University and a Director-In-Residence at the University of Georgia. Career development is my passion, and working with international students has been an interest of mine from the very beginning. On a personal note, I also have a three-year-old rescue mutt named Archie that I adopted when I was living in Georgia.

What is the UDayton Global Career Accelerator?
The Career Accelerator gives UDayton Global students cutting-edge information and skill-building opportunities. It also helps increase students’ marketability upon graduation, both in the United States and abroad. My role, in addition to helping students explore the job market and finessing resumes and cover letters, is helping students find out more about themselves. This self-awareness leads not only to finding a job, but also to finding a life-long career that fulfills their passions and interests.

What Student Programming is Offered through The Career Accelerator?
In addition to participation in either a Professional Development (graduate) or Live, Learn, Grow (undergraduate) course, students can also benefit from personal development workshops. My first was “Dayton, Development and Dessert,” during which participants took the 16 Personalities quiz based on Myers-Briggs personality types. Additionally, I offer one-on-one appointments which can be scheduled here: https://calendly.com/brittanychill.

Two people in a meeting

Britt counsels Jijo, UDayton Global student

To sum things up…
The Career Accelerator supports students throughout their entire career process. I provide workshops and courses tailored to the unique needs of our international student population, as well as one-on-one counseling opportunities. A specialized program for students interested in pursuing technical careers is currently being developed. For more information on Career Accelerator, please reach out to me at brittany.chill@udaytonglobal.org.