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Interviewing for Success

Interviewing can be a nerve-wracking experience. Think about your most recent job interview. Maybe it was your very first job interview. Were you nervous? Did you feel prepared and confident?

What if you had to interview in a language other than your preferred language? International students face this challenge daily, but especially as they try to get jobs while in the United States. The University of Dayton has developed an innovative “mock interview” session, called the “Practical Interview Skills Workshop,” to help ease interview anxiety for international students.

The Interview as the Deciding Factor
The importance of interviewing skills should be taken very seriously. “The interview is the deciding factor on whether a person will get offered a position,” says Ms. Lisa Witt, Assistant Director and Career Advisor at UD’s Career Services. “It is very important for a person to understand their own skills and abilities, what the company does and needs for the role, and then be able to substantiate why they are a good fit for the position.”

The “Practical Interview Skills Workshop” is part of the UDayton Global Professional Development and Academic Success (PDAS) course for graduate students. Domestic students from the School of Business pose as interviewers, and PDAS students are the interviewees. PDAS students are asked typical job interview questions, and feedback is provided on aspects ranging from how the students answered to even their body language during the interview. “The more you practice, the more comfortable you will become with the process,” says Ms. Witt.

What Students Think about Mock Interviews
Semester after semester, students consistently find the mock interviews to be tremendously beneficial. Read some of the  student reflections below for some first-hand testimonials.

Student Interview Reflections

In addition to interviewing, there are numerous other resources available through UD Career Services as well as UDayton Global’s unique and personalized Career Accelerator. Contact Britt Chill, UDayton Global Career Accelerator Advisor, if you are a current UDayton Global student and would like to be connected with career resources.