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Must-Have Apps for College Students – Learning Edition

Nervous about starting college? Are classes, organizations, meeting, events and life giving you a headache already? Don’t worry, we have the solution! We are starting a series in which we will be telling you about the most useful apps for college students. We will start by giving you the tools to be a perfectly productive college student –initially introducing education (mostly learning) apps in this blog, followed by productivity apps in the next blog of the series. Basically, we are going to help you get your academic life organized. Below are the five apps we think every college student needs.


Want to be BFFs with someone from a different country? DuoLingo is a FREE app (did we say free? yes!) for you to learn and practice different languages. Download this app to study and translate over 20 popular languages and to be able to communicate with people from around the world.


Are you a visual learner? Quizlet is a great resource for those of you who prefer to study using flashcards. Not only can you check-out other people’s quiz sets but you can also create your own sets and test yourself on the material! Ace your exams with the fun Quizlet app!

LearnEnglish Grammar

The British Council now offers the opportunity to practice English grammar FREE OF COST. The LearnEnglish app provides you thousands of questions to practice all sorts of grammar topics, with over 600 questions in each level. Study these lessons and use the app as a resource to make your essays grammatically correct!

Student studying at laptop in the student center.

Memrise: Language Learning

Memrise is another language app for all language enthusiasts interested in travel or connecting with students from other countries. Memrise gives you the opportunity to be fluent in other languages through different games, chatbots and object recognition. Become BFFs with your international roommate and learn one another’s languages so that no one else understands what you’re talking about. 😉😉


Dreading essays and citations? Are they giving you a hard time already? Well, let us give you a shortcut to make adding citations much simpler. EasyBib helps to convert the ISBN or barcode of the book, so all you have to do is email the citation to yourself. Trust us, this will make all the research papers, essays and projects so much easier to handle!

Being a part of Generation Z, we believe everyone will agree that we are always using our phones. And if it’s not phones, then it’s our laptops. These tech devices have become an integral part of our lives. So instead of using these devices for unimportant things, why not benefit from them? These apps we have suggested will not only make your college life easier but also improve your ability to be the best student. And a 4.0 GPA never hurt anyone. 😉

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