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Meet the UDG Student Services Team

We’ve got a new team member! Keep reading to learn more about Nate Prior, Student Services Advisor.

In 2018, the University of Dayton joined the national scholarship initiative, #YouAreWelcomeHere, in an effort to continue growing campus diversity and inclusion. The scholarship for international students firmly positions Dayton as a welcoming community, and enables international students to study at UD. Similarly, the UDayton Global Student Services team is always seeking opportunities for our students to feel a sense of belonging upon arrival and as they adjust to life in Dayton.

Meet the Student Services Team

UDayton Global Student Services AdvisorPorter Lyons, Student Services Advisor
Hails from: Cleveland, OH
Has studied at: University of Dayton, Wright State University
Fun fact: Porter loves the idea of aliens and monsters existing (think Big Foot!), so he frequently visits places where sightings of these living beings have occurred!

Before UDayton Global, Porter worked as a Research Assistant at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and then as a Cast Member at Walt Disney World Resort. For Porter, the best part about working in student services is hearing about different students’ passions and helping them to actualize their dreams while they are students.

UDayton Global Student Services AdvisorBecky Lantz, Student Services Advisor
Hails from: Troy, Ohio
Has studied at: Grace College, Grace Seminary
Fun fact: In her free time, Becky loves visiting national parks around the U.S. and going on as many hikes as possible.

Becky has worked with students from all over the world and has always enjoyed learning about new cultures. She enjoys her position at UDayton Global as a Student Services Advisor because of the opportunity to work one-on-one with each student.

UDayton Global Student Services AdvisorAnnie Walker, Student Services Advisor
Hails from: Rochester, NY
Has studied at: Spelman College (Atlanta), Xiamen University (Fujian, China) & Wright State University (Dayton)
Fun fact: Annie is a cupcake connoisseur!  

Annie is excited about joining the UDayton Global team at the end of May. She has worked with international students for several years and was once an international student herself!

Annie is also passionate about mental health and wellness. She understands the joys and challenges of living and studying abroad, and wants to support international students in making the most of their time at UD.

UDayton Global Student Services AdvisorNate Prior, Student Services Advisor
Hails from: Norco, CA
Has studied at: Sterling College, California Baptist University, University of Kansas
Fun fact: Nate studied theatre arts in college and has performed in over 20 theatrical productions, including several musicals and a bit of Shakespeare! 

Before UDayton Global, Nate was an ESL teacher and administrator in high school international programs. He has also taught other subjects for middle and high school students. His teaching career began in China, where he and his wife taught English as a foreign language for two years.

Nate enjoys being a source of support and encouragement for his students, and he may try to make them laugh once or twice along the way. (He might even write them a song!) Nate, his wife and their two boys have loved living in Dayton since they moved here in summer of 2019.

About the UDayton Global Student Services Team

The Student Services Team delivers high-quality, wholistic support and services to undergraduate and graduate international students. We give our students the tools to succeed academically. We hope each of our students experiences a true sense of belonging here at UD through engagement with the community at large. We believe that each student is a future leader, and we enable their development by connecting them with the resources that will help them be the most successful they can possibly be.

We are Advisors, Teachers and Event Planners

A male team member at a student event

Porter rocks the house!

One aspect of our daily life as a team is student advising meetings. Through having an ‘open door policy’ and having daily advising meetings, we hope to communicate that we’re here for every student. Equally as important is New Student Orientation. Orientation exists to bridge gaps between the overwhelming process of adjusting to a new campus and a new country. Our hope is to help students feel that they are not alone in this process.

As a team we also teach two courses: “Live, Learn, Grow” for undergraduates and “Professional Development Academic Skills” for graduates. In both of these courses, our focus is to equip our students to become the best scholars they can be through connecting them to on-campus resources and assisting their adjustment to US higher ed culture.

One of the final aspects of our work is planning events for our students that help them feel a little more at home. We strive to make each event a learning opportunity through celebrating a different culture or connecting them to domestic students here at UD.

Favorite UDG Memories


Kuwait National Day: delicious food!

One of the most fun events our team was a part of in Spring semester was Kuwait National Day. This was a unique opportunity to experience this holiday with Kuwaiti students while getting to experience a small taste of their culture. To me, this is what UDayton Global is all about. One of the best aspects of this event was seeing students get involved to ensure that this program would be a success. A few of the different elements included a station for Arabic coffee and dates, writing in Arabic script and even Kabsa from a local restaurant. Towards the end of the event, students began to sing the Kuwait National anthem and even participated in dancing.

Students at a university event

UDG Kuwait National Day coffee hour


A student writing Chinese calligraphy

Experiencing Chinese calligraphy at UDG coffee hour

A second event I’d like to highlight was our Chinese New Year celebration. Our team collaborated with the office of International Students and Scholar Services (ISSS) and UD’s Chinese student population. One of the unique elements of this event was hearing students share their own poetry with the group. I was struck by the creativity of each student who shared and how meaningful their words were.

A student speaking at an event

UDG student Feng reads fellow UDG student Lei’s original poetry at coffee hour

One of the benefits of being a UDayton Global student is you are assigned a dedicated Student Services Advisor! You can take advantage of this by scheduling time with your SSA on a regular basis. S/he is always interested in how you’re doing and what’s going on.