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A Warm Welcome to New International Flyers!

The University of Dayton just welcomed more than 2,050 first year students for Fall semester, bringing total enrollment at the university to record numbers. The Fall cohort was comprised of nearly 300 international students representing 38 countries from around the world, including 209 students working with the UDayton Global office. (See the University of Dayton news article here.)

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International Student Orientation

Orientation is a critical part of an international student’s entry into American culture. “Our staff hand-picks the very best sessions that will prepare students for a successful semester,” says Catherine Hernandez, UDayton Global Student Services Director. “Not only that, but we have activities and sessions designed to connect the students to campus, to their international peers and to the community at large.”

Activities include student-led campus tours, a resource fair, a city bus tour, and many informational sessions to provide information students need to succeed in their degree program. Through all of these activities, the over-arching theme is one of welcoming, community and belonging. A great orientation experience can often alleviate feelings of homesickness and loneliness by empowering students with confidence. Each member of the UDayton Global team plays an active role during orientation, getting to know students and assisting with any questions they might have. Our high-energy student Orientation Leaders also play a very important role in keeping new students engaged and excited about orientation.

Take a look at some of these awesome highlights from the Fall 2019 UDayton Global orientation!


So is orientation fun? We think this Instagram comment from UDayton Global graduate student Mary Shalin Stanley says it all: “Can we have another week of orientation?” 😊

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