Even for graduate students, the move to a university in the US can be challenging — there are complicated admissions processes, a new language to learn, and adjustment to a new home. To make your transition as easy and productive as possible, the University of Dayton sets you up for success with support services designed specifically for international students.

Graduate Degrees

UDayton Global offers challenging graduate programs, small class sizes, a diverse campus experience, and rewarding career opportunities. Click below to learn more about the entry criteria for our graduate degrees.

Please visit Graduate Admissions to learn more about the entry criteria for our graduate degrees.

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University of Dayton’s School of Engineering focuses on collaboration, community-engaged learning, and adaptation to change. As a top-ranked engineering school, the University of Dayton creates engineers who are socially engaged, globally aware, and prepared to take on leadership roles.

Aerospace Engineering (MS) – STEM designated

Biomedical Engineering (MS) – STEM designated

Chemical Engineering (MS) – STEM designated

Civil Engineering (MS) – STEM designated

  • Construction Engineering-MS
  • Environmental Engineering-MS
  • Geotechnical Engineering-MS
  • Structural Engineering-MS
  • Transportation Engineering-MS
  • Water Resources Engineering-MS

Computer Engineering (MS) – STEM designated

Electrical Engineering (MS) – STEM designated

Electro-Optics (MS) – STEM designated

Engineering Management (MS) – STEM designated

Engineering Mechanics (MS) – STEM designated

Materials Engineering (ME) – STEM designated

Mechanical Engineering (MS) – STEM designated

Systems Engineering (MS) – STEM designated

The University of Dayton School of Business Administration is a supportive and welcoming community of faculty, staff, and students from around the world. You’ll learn business theory, then apply that knowledge through classroom collaboration and internship experiences.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • Business Analytics – STEM designated
  • Cyber Security – STEM designated
  • Finance – STEM designated
  • Marketing

Master of Business Analytics (MBAN) —STEM-Designated
Master of Finance (MFin) – STEM designated

The College of Arts and Sciences offers graduate degrees across the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. University of Dayton programs are rooted in the Marinist tradition of promoting lifelong intellectual, personal, and professional growth.

Applied Mathematics (MS) – STEM designated

Computer Science MCS – STEM designated

Public Administration (MPA)

The University of Dayton School of Education and Health Sciences builds learning communities through critical reflection. University of Dayton’s goal is to develop leaders who will make a positive difference by combining educational theory, practice, and Marianist principles.

Interdisciplinary Educational Studies (MSE)

Transdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (MSE)

Dayton Law’s challenging classroom dialogues and experiential learning opportunities will prepare you to solve the real-world problems of your clients. You will acquire the legal knowledge, skills, and values needed to help others and distinguish yourself as a lawyer.

Master of Laws (LLM)

Graduate Admissions

UDayton Global has programs specifically designed to set international graduate students up for success. Visit the Graduate Admission’s page to learn more about:

  • Entry Requirements
  • Typical Costs
  • Important Dates
  • Application instructions

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