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Visit Dayton’s profile page on Shorelight.com for details about housing options for students who are enrolling in Dayton Global.

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  • All first-year undergraduate students are guaranteed a double residence hall-style room as part of the program. Living in on-campus housing will enhance your university experience and is required for your first two years.
  • Refer to Housing Details on our School at a Glance page for the most current housing costs.
  • Please note that while housing is guaranteed, we cannot promise we will be able to match each student with their preferred housing option.
  • All housing options are fully furnished and include cable/Wifi access and in-building laundry.

Important Dates

Payment Deadline (Graduate):

November 21, 2022

Payment Deadline (Undergraduate):

December 27, 2022

Move-in Date:

January 3, 2023

Program Start Date:

January 4, 2023