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Students Speak: A UDayton Global Student Leadership Committee

There’s never a shortage of things to do at the University of Dayton. With over 270 student organizations and clubs, you’re bound to find something that fits your interests. And, as UDayton Global Business graduate student Huda Maulana observed, “if you can’t find a club that suits you, you can just make a club for you!”

Clearly, UDayton Global (UDG) international students have many ways to shine at UD. One special opportunity is through the UDG Students Speak Leadership Committee. This committee is led by a UDG Student Services Advisor, and UDG students must apply to join.

What is the Students Speak committee?

Students in a meeting with a Student Services advisor

Becky listens as the Students Speak committee has a discussion

The students in Students Speak are the face of the UDayton Global program. They represent the program at campus events such as student panels, online discussions and interviews. Moreover, their feedback helps to improve UDG’s programming for current and future students. “They are the leaders of our corps of students – individuals who have really stepped up and gotten involved,” says Becky Lantz, UDayton Global Student Services Advisor and staff leader of Students Speak. “These students have sought us out to see how they can make a difference.”

Participation in Students Speak is a great way for UDG international students to develop leadership skills, connect with UDayton Global and most importantly, gain a greater sense of belonging in their new UD community.

If you’d like to learn more about Students Speak, please contact studentservices@udaytonglobal.org.